Sinhala Fonts

Welcome to Sinhala Fonts, This site is dedicated in offering the best and most preferred Fonts and Calligraphy Styles in Sinhala Language. These fonts are useful for both personal and business use.
With developments in application for mobile and Software in Desktop use, it is important to have a native language and fonts aligned so that the mode of communication becomes effective and efficient. Sinhala native language users are originally from Sri Lanka. For native users of Sinhala Language, this site offers wonderful collection of fonts.

Sinhala is the national language of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a multiracial society comprising a 74% Sinhala-speaking population and an 18% Tamil-speaking population. Sinhala, Tamil, and English are all official languages and are extensively spoken throughout this country of 18 million people. Sinhala adopts the Unicode which is the globally accepted encoding system to use local language in computers.

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