Most Downloaded Sinhala Fonts

This page offers the crisp and filtered list of top five most downloaded and preferred Sinhala Fonts. These fonts are preferred by our users for Personal and Business Use. You can quickly explore the list of top downloaded Sinhala fonts below. If you want to explore the top Sinhala Fonts available for free, this page might be the right page to guide you. If you are looking for blogs, articles, notice boards and other calligraphic designs in Sinhala Language, these top downloaded fonts in Sinhala Language can be helpful for you.

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Native People from Sri Lanka use the Sinhalese Language and Scripts. Thus, if you want to communicate with people from Sri Lanka or native users of Sinhalese Language, it is essential to get an understanding of the culture and language. The Fonts offered by Sinhala Fonts can be helpful too. Sinhala Culture played a major role in the development of Theravada Buddhist literature. The oldest Sinhalese Prakrit inscriptions found are from the third to second century following the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, while the oldest extant literary works date from the ninth century.

The closest relatives are the Vedda language (an endangered, indigenous creole still spoken by a minority of Sri Lankans, mixing Sinhala with an isolate of unknown origin and from which Old Sinhala borrowed various aspects into its main Indo-Aryan substrate), and the Maldivian language. It has two main varieties, written and spoken, and is a conspicuous example of the linguistic phenomenon known as diglossia. The rich diversity in the Language has given rise to diversity in the calligraphic designs and fonts as well. You can find thousands of Sinhala Language based TrueType, OpenType and BoldType Fonts here at Sinhala Fonts.