Top Rated Sinhala Fonts

This page offers a dynamic list of most preferred and top rated Sinhala Fonts for Personal and Business Use. These fonts are natively developed for usage by Sinhalese People, however, calligraphy enthusiast from other languages also can use these free Sinhala fonts. These fonts are rated the highest because of their quality, useability and scalability. Each font has unique Character Map and Design. These fonts are useful in designing blog posts, magazines and hoarding boards. Some of the Sinhala users have used these free fonts to design their name tattoos. 

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About Sinhala Language : 

The pronunciation codes for Sinhala is /ˈsɪnhələ, ˈsɪŋələ/ SIN-hə-lə, SING-ə-lə; සිංහල, siṁhala, [ˈsiŋɦələ]. The source of this codes is Wikipedia.

Sinhala also known as Sinhalese, is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka, who make up the largest ethnic group on the island, numbering about 16+ million (stats). Sinhala is also spoken as the first language by other ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, totaling about 4 million people as of 2001. It is written using the Sinhala script, which is one of the Brahmic scripts; a descendant of the ancient Indian Brahmi script closely related to the Kadamba script. Sinhala is one of the official and national languages of Sri Lanka.